Content Licensing Services

MBox is a leading content service provider, offering speedy and hassle-free delivery to multiple direct-to-consumer vendors. We manage and distribute contents of dozens of content suppliers, including music, video, ebooks and graphics, to the finest portal operators.

MBox was the first company to represents the digital rights of content providers in Israel. We are serving content to every mobile operator in the country, on and off-deck.

We manage a huge digital content catalogue which includes both international and local content providers (music, graphics, games, books video etc.).
We provide full cover of Content Management Services: Collecting, cataloging and storing all types of formats such as: audios, videos, graphics, games and others and exporting them to all applicable formats for the triple play world.


  • License negotiations
  • Media encoding
  • Metadata management
  • Content royalty payment
  • Reporting

This working model and business success can now be leveraged in any new territory worldwide!