Music Store / Player

MBox Music is a white label B2C music platform designed for digital content owners. It can be deployed as a download product or streaming/subscription package. Made for PC, Mac, Tablets and 3G phones,  MBox Music is a multi screen music consumption platform that allows you to enjoy music anywhere anytime.

mBox Music – white-label B2C web-based (HTML5 & hybrid) music platform from mBox Music on Vimeo.

  • Easy to use look and feel
  • Offers a huge catalog of music, both international and local
  • Genre based music channels
  • My Music area
  • Powerful search engine
  • Stream or download
  • Custom built to support all platforms
  • Daily updates providing the newest releases and hits
  • Edit and build playlists
  • White label UI allows custom branding in order to adapt to a specific market
  • Social networking – share a track, album or playlist with your friends