Content management & Delivery System

MBox unique digital content-management system facilitates the complete pipeline – from editing, producing and formatting files, through uploading, delivering, monitoring, reporting and publishing and delivering your content.

MBox developed its own proprietary CMDS and online reporting system based on a deep knowledge of content domains and years of prior experience.

MBox Content Delivery Platform, alongside with huge digital content catalogue of international and local content providers (music, graphics, games, books video etc.) can dramatically improve your time-to-market and business results. At the end of the day, mBox is acting as a digital warehouse for content.

Mbox CMS includes the following out of the box feature set:

  • CMS – Content Management System
  • Catalog
  • Multimedia editing tools
  • Media conversion
  • Media publication
  • Content Ingestion
  • Token based delivery system
  • Accounting & Usage report services
  • White labeling/Layout Editor
  • Discovery
  • DRM
  • Copyright reporting
  • Ads framework